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benefits of protein powder

Benefits Of Protein Powder

What Are Protein Powders?

Protein powder is a nutritional supplement that can be used to fuel weight gain, weight loss or meet the excess protein required for muscle growth. There are many types of protein powder available on the market including dairy-based protein and all plant protein powder. In this article, we will discuss some of the key benefits of protein powder, as well as the different types available on the market.

Nutrition Definition

Nutrition can be defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. In regards to protein, protein is an essential macro nutrient that helps with the building and repairing of our muscles and in particular our muscle tissues. It also makes enzymes and hormones that are crucial to our everyday functions.

The Benefits of Protein Powder

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Muscle growth

Protein is essential for muscle growth. Nearly all professional athletes and many gym enthusiasts will consume protein shakes as the shakes allow for enhanced muscle growth. A 2018 analysis of 49 studies showed that protein supplements (powder in particular) significantly improve muscle size and also increase overall strength in individuals who perform regular resistance exercises such as weight lifting.

Faster Recovery Time

On top of increased muscle growth, many studies have shown that consuming protein powder can speed up your recovery time. This reduces the amount of time spent with muscle soreness and allows for more regular training.

Protein Powder for Weight Gain

Eating protein-rich foods and taking supplements is a great way to increase your weight without doing so in an unhealthy way. By having protein powder supplements after your workout, you can increase the number of calories you consume and therefore put on ‘healthy’ weight.

Different Types Of Protein Powder

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There are many types of protein available, which can make it difficult to know where to start. We have broken down the types of powder available you can choose the best type for you.

Whey: Whey is a water-soluble milk protein and is a popular option among athletes. It’s known as a ‘complete protein’ as it has all of the amino acids we need from food. It is absorbed quickly into our body, making it ideal after a workout. 

Casein: Casein is rich in glutamine. This is an amino acid that comes from dairy and speeds up recovery time. It is slowly digested and is often used as an overnight protein.

Soy: Soy protein contains all the essential amino acids that we need as humans and is a perfect alternative to individuals who cannot consume dairy products.

Pea: Pea protein is a key component of many plant-based protein powders. Is a great source of the amino acid arginine and is a great alternative to soy options.

The Best Protein Supplement

In the real world, there is no ‘ideal protein supplement’. The best protein supplement for you will depend on your weight and muscle objectives. One protein may help you lose weight, whilst another will help with gaining weight. You should always conduct in-depth research before buying any protein powder to ensure it is the best option for you and will help you to achieve your goals.

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