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Description :

Does the problem of weakened hair, breakages and split ends worrying you? Do you feel that your hair is dry & dull?

Salon Professional Radiant Shine Conditioner helps in giving a smooth & vibrant look to otherwise dull hair. While shampoo opens the hair cuticles, conditioning seals it back by locking in the nutrients. Conditioned hair looks supple, soft & vibrant. With Salon Professional Radiant Shine conditioner enriched with Biotin, Pro vitamin B5 & Silk Protein you can intensely nourish and condition dry and rough hair to give your hair radiance and sheen. This hydrating conditioner leaves the hair tangle free & silky smooth and is the perfect conditioning solution for shiny healthy looking hair.

Features & Benefits :

Biotin– Biotin deficiency cause thinning of hair eventually leading to hair loss. Biotin rich products hence help in addressing this concern by maintaining the overall health of the hair. Also called Vitamin H or “Hair Vitamin”.

Pro vitamin B5 – Strengthens hair by creating more protein-rich tissues and improves moisture retention.

Silk Protein-Contains free silk amino acids and silk oligopeptides. This blend is known to moisturize the hair & improve softness of dry and damaged hair.

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