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Foldable Stainless Steel Chef Basket

750.00 599.00

  • Pack : Pack of 1
  • Length : 10cm
  • Breadth : 10cm
  • Height :10cm
  • Stainless Steel Chef Basket for French Fries & Fruits.
  • Specially designed handles stay cool to the touch.
  • When cooking is done, simply lift out the chef basket and go right from the pot to the plate.
  • You can rise your food in the chef basket, lift handles back up and go right from the sink to the pot in one easy motion.
  • It can be folded for easy storage.



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  • Cooking is no longer a strenuous task for anyone with the Chef Basket. This unique kitchen tool provides solution for anyone to enjoy cooking more. Moreover, it allows easier food preparation, less instances of burns from hot pots and convenient cleanup and storage.
  • You can even wash your vegetables in a breeze with this kitchen basket. Place the vegetables inside the basket and wash it. It easily drains the water. Now, place it inside the pot to blanch or steam it. Then, you can transfer it to the serving plate.





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