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5 Compartments Flower Candy Box Serving Rotating Tray


  • The smart candy box is designed with five-grid, it can store 5 kinds of snacks, dry fruits, spices, chocolate etc.
  • It is easy to open and close, gently twist the small flower on the top of the snack tray.
  • Easy to clean, shape well-designed, unique structural design, fashionable and beautiful.
  • Creative design, rotation open fun small life, easy to twist can open the box, a variety of food presentation, very convenient.
  • Manufactured from high plastic material.which is BPA free and non-toxic.

Flower shape dry fruit box will add beauty to your dining area. This box designed like flower with blossoms while rotating top of the fruit bowl. The top of the bowl has flower shape small box with mobile phone holder. You can also use the upper part to keep the tooth sticks. This dry fruit box has 5 sections you can simply open it by rotating the top box in clockwise direction. And you can close the sections by rotating the upper box in anti-clockwise direction. This dry fruit box is made by high quality plastic material which is BPA free and non-toxic. By using this dry fruit box, you can store 5 different dry fruits in one box. One can add beauty to their dinning table by simply buying it. Ideal to store candies, chocolates, dry fruits, snacks, pickles etc.


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