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health benefits of green tea

5 Health Benefits Of Green Tea You Need To Know

If you aren’t already drinking green tea, you should consider adopting this habit.  Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of drinking green tea

If you aren’t already drinking green tea, you should consider adopting this habit.  Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of drinking green tea

Green tea is a favored drink amongst health-conscious individuals because it is an incredibly healthy beverage that has the potential to improve one’s overall health. Much of green tea’s health benefits come from its antioxidant content.  These antioxidants are strong warriors against the damaging effects of free radicals.  If left unchecked, those free radicals will do a great amount of harm to your body’s cells and tissues. This leads to diseases and premature aging.  But green tea’s antioxidants may counteract the negative impacts that free radicals have on your body.This type of tea is less processed than many others, so its antioxidant content is the highest, making it the most beneficial tea to consume.Its therapeutic properties were taken advantage of in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine.  It was used for a number of purposes, such as:

  • Controlling bleeding;
  • Healing wounds;
  • Improving digestion;
  • Improving heart health;
  • Regulating body temperature.  

Advantages Of Green Tea

Now that you know what green tea is, let’s go over some green tea health benefits that can be obtained by regularly consuming this beverage.

May Prevent Cancer

It’s believed that green tea’s polyphenols, a type of antioxidant, may play a part in eradicating cancerous cells.  It’s also believed that green tea promotes good cellular health during every stage of a cell’s lifespan. Although more studies need to be conducted, green tea’s ability to fight against cancer looks promising. 

Could Improve Heart Health

Flavonoids are another type of antioxidant found in Green tea.  This antioxidant protects the heart by preventing blood clots and helping blood vessels perform well.   

Helps With Weight Loss

While we can’t say for certain that the properties found in green tea will help you lose weight, you can still use green tea for weight loss by replacing sugary, calorie-laden drinks with this healthier beverage. As long as you keep the sweetener to a minimum, drinking this low-calorie option is a much better choice while attempting to shed excess pounds. 

May Clear Up Skin

Did you know that green tea has benefits for skin?  Thanks to its antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds, you can include cleansing your face in your green tea uses. Simply make a cup of tea, let it cool down, then wash your face with it.  For spot treating, just place a tea bag on the pimple you want to get rid of.  This should help to clear up your breakout. 

Offers Relief From Arthritis Pain

In addition to the antioxidants already mentioned, green tea also contains quercetin.  This anti-inflammatory compound has soothing qualities that can reduce pain. If you have arthritis, you might want to try drinking green tea every day.  This habit could provide some relief from your pain. The amazing health benefits of green tea can be obtained by drinking Fruit of the Earth Power Green Tea.  This product is full of powerful antioxidants that help your body ward off diseases and stay healthy, while also keeping your skin looking great.

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